MBA Programs Presentation

Free entrance

Date and Time: April 21, 2018 года, 11.00 a.m.

Venue: KROK Business School, 30-32, Laherna Street, (Beresteiska Metro Station).

All those who wish to develop professionally and systematically KROK Business School invite to attend the presentation of MBA programs. We will talk about the specifics of programs General MBA, MBA IT, MBA Pharma, Mini МВА, Master in Operational Excellence for executives, business owners, top and middle managers, in other words for adults and experienced people. Such education has significant differences from traditional, first and even second higher education.


  • 11.00 - 11.30 KROK Business School Introduction. MBA Program Portfolio Presentation by Olga Karpova, CEO BSK;
  • 11.30 - 12.30 Master class "The employer's brand is a luxury only for large companies or an up-to-date requirement";
  • 12.30 - 13.00 Individual consultations, registration of applications for training.

We have what you need - an expert environment, a community of like-minded people, international contacts. We will help develop your leadership potential and look forward to the future with us!

Natalia Kurdes, author and content leader of master class "The employer's brand is a luxury only for large companies or an up-to-date requirement", an experienced HRM professional. At present Natalia is the Head of Employer Branding in AGAMA Communications, she has extensive experience in human resource management working in national and international companies such as Aqua Planet Company, ARTERIUM Corporation and others.

During the master class we will discuss such topics:

  • Why do some companies leave the market, while others continue to grow and develop?

  • Hunting for talent and why does the employer brand play an important role in attracting professionals?

  • How to retain valuable employees?

  • How to solve actual for each business problem through the management of the employer brand.

*The master class is conducted in an interactive format.

Each participant of the MBA Programs Presentation is given a discount of 5% of the cost of the MBA programs and 7% on the modular programs, open seminars and trainings for Business Schools that will be held in the 2018 study year.

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