Applied research in BSK is in the form of organized collective research and individual research projects. The main areas of practice-oriented, applied research, reflecting the core competencies, accumulated over the years of BSK and the Institute of Postgraduate Education are:

  • Project Management
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Strategic Management of Companies
  • Interaction and Cooperation of Business and Society

These main areas of research supported and developed through the perspective of Doctoral and Master's Theses prepared at the KROK University; orders coming from public and private companies, the subjects of Scientific Conferences and Workshops, development of Case Studies. BSK plans the development of partnerships with leading National and European Research Centers.

The main objective of research is to improve the quality of teaching, development and implementation of new, innovative training programs for managers and entrepreneurs. To participate in applied research involved students and graduate students of KROK University. This approach helps to ensure, as a high level of academic and practical significance of the Master Degree Projects and Theses.

Results of applied research are publications, textbooks, manuals, case studies used in the academic process, implemented projects for companies and government agencies.

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