Start Up

Training on the organization of successful StartUp projects

Seminar "European Law for Ukrainian Entrepreneurs"

Who is this seminar for: executives, managers, top managers, key specialists of all business areas that are interested in entering the EU market, marketers.

The purpose of the seminar:

  • show participants the peculiarities of working in EU countries;
  • give participants the algorithms of working with EU countries;
  • learn to understand the rules of doing business in the EU.

The result is mastering key legal knowledge for doing business in EU countries.

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The course "Business model is a useful tool for the innovator."

  • Do you want to understand how modern businesses function?
  • Planning a startup?
  • Looking for an investor?

Then you have to master such tools as a business model template and a value map. They allow you to quickly and pragmatically analyze any business and identify areas for improvement.

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Workshop "StartUp Guide"

Provision the necessary basic knowledge of the legal issues of running your business, risk analysis in the process of doing business, practical advice on optimizing business processes, legal mechanisms to protect your business.

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Training Startup - just a step to success!

How to start? This question is a stumbling block for the implementation of interesting and original ideas. But sometimes the desire to work for yourself still overcomes and forces an inexperienced businessman to look for ways to implement. Not all succeed, and not all manage to return the invested funds. Today it has become much easier to take risks due to the appearance of such a phenomenon as a startup. The words "startup" and "entrepreneur" in some way can be called synonyms. The only difference is that only an innovative idea, a project that has no analogues, can be called a stepmaster. Investors with such "dark horses" are willing to communicate, of course, if they see its prospects.

No matter how sad it may sound, but the mere desire for the implementation of innovative ideas is not enough. It is necessary to gain some knowledge, master skills and learn how to work with people. There is a small percentage of people to whom all this is given from birth, in the form of such a gift, talent. And if you do not belong to this category of lucky ones, then we will be able to teach you how to create and set up a successful startup.

Training for a startup

You are young, energetic, optimistic about the future, and an interesting and promising business idea is printed in front of you. What to do next, we know - the best business school in Kiev. Our training startup is a solid foundation, a reliable foundation for your development, search for investors and business partners. Our teachers are ready to give you some useful tips right now.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Remember that only one who does nothing is not mistaken and any mistake can be corrected.

Constructive criticism and failure must strengthen your faith in success and help you achieve your goal.

Run the project, even if it is not ready yet. Get stuck in the preparatory stage can be a long time, if not forever. The project is ready for 80-90% - start and finalize already in the process.

Make your schedule and meet with partners, investors at a convenient time for you.

And the last piece of advice: if you are overwhelmed by despair and visit the desire to give up, then think about the piece of paper with the idea that lay before you at the very beginning.

Come to our business school, and we will reveal to you all the other secrets of successful startups.