Project management and processes

Workshop "Project sponsor - roles, tasks, actions"

You are a high rank leader. And you get a new task, the successful completion of which depends on the involvement of different functional units. Such a task may be the introduction of a single CRM system. You entrust the task to the most responsible employee and promise all the necessary support. Is it enough for success? How to properly delegate your authority to a member? How to ensure the correct level of control while avoiding micro-management? For these and other questions you will receive answers at the workshop-seminar "Project sponsor - roles, tasks, actions".

The purpose of the workshop is to provide an understanding of the contribution of the "owner / sponsor" to the success of the project and to develop a management structure.

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Training Workshop "Project Management - How to successfully implement a project"

Each manager at the start of his career faces the complex tasks that have to be done for the first time. For example, open a branch in another area, implement a sales management system, make such a product to make the client happy. The real manager will handle any challenge. But if the price is excessive stress and new problems, then a training workshop "How to successfully implement a project" for you.

The content of the course is based on questions and feedback from participants of more than 100 events (corporate trainings, MBA programs, consulting projects). The course is based on practical tasks. When performing tasks, each participant looks at problems in a new way, better memorizes the theory and creates experience.

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Master class "Which system to choose and how to implement it?"

In the life of every manager there comes a moment when the thought comes: "How to improve project performance and whether there is a suitable tool for this?". The reasons for such thoughts are different - poor coordination in the tasks, problems with communication in the team, constantly overloaded resources, etc. But is there a "right" tool that would immediately solve all the problems?

Volodymyr Samoilenko, who supervised the implementation of MS Project Server in the Kyivstar company, and also created a methodology for managing the portfolio of projects for the Telenor group of companies, will help to sort out these and other questions of the participants of the master-class. Vladimir participated in more than 50 projects in such industries as telecommunications, IT development, education and NGOs, consulting.

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Seminar "Just About the Complex: Business Process Reengineering"

During the seminar, the students will model their own, individual, selected business processes in their companies (in which they have to work as executors or by whom they manage!), Analyze their efficiency, think out solutions for their improvement and will "rebuild" the process.

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Risk management - How to manage the uncertainty

The training helps to solve a particular problem or problem of a participant. During the training, students, using modern risk management technology, master the stages and receive practical tools that they can use in their work.

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