Economy and Finance

Finance for non-financial managers

The purpose of the training: to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills in financial analysis and financial management for effective decision-making in their work.

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Financial analysis

Studying financial analysis is an opportunity to master modern tools and techniques for calculating and interpreting financial indicators, profitability indicators, financial sustainability, business value, and put them at the service of the company's interests.

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Master Class "Personal Finance Management"

What to do if the banking market is narrowing, how to choose the right bank, what to look for? Is it possible to predict a change in the exchange rate? Are there reliable investment instruments in Ukraine? What can financial institutions offer besides financing? Whether it is necessary to hope for a pension and whether we will save pension reform? How does a private pension fund work?

Participants will receive answers to these questions during the course of the master class by Tatyana Moseychuk, Ph.D. an expert with 20 years of experience in the financial markets of Ukraine, director of consulting company ASSISTANCE HOLDING.

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Financial analysis techniques

Learn how to operate financially within financial and managerial reporting; Learn how to work with multi-factor models; Mastering various techniques of financial analysis.

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Trainings on Finance

Financial management will ensure the correct allocation of funds both in the enterprise and in the family budget. If you do not know how to handle them properly, then there can not be any speech about what kind of success. Frankly speaking, the fundamentals of the economy need to educate the child from the garden and the textbook on this subject should be akin to the "Book". But in reality, everything looks a lot more prosaic: children study logarithms, they understand the basics of higher mathematics, and they do not learn their money. Our business school conducts financial management training, and we invite all those who want to improve their economic culture and consciousness.

If you started studying the economy a bit, you probably heard a name like Robert Kiyosaki. This man has achieved considerable heights in the financial plan and decided to share his views and thoughts, which helped him get all that he has today. You probably heard about the game "Rat Run", which is created by analogy with "Cashflow". Also read the books of this person, but still do not see the results. If you do not have enough money, get dirty in debt, then stop waiting for the moment when you can buy everything you have long dreamed about. Right now, sign up for the upcoming financial management training at our business school.

You may think that it makes no sense to spend your time and money on attending the training, because in bookstores and libraries you can find a lot of literature on finance. You will be in something right, because in part this is so. True, you need to know what kind of literature to read, because reading takes a lot of time and all of them to read is simply unthinkable. And one more nuance: no author will ever want to reveal his secrets to the end, because even the book you read is the source of his financial well-being. If you want to become a competent person in finance, our trainings are needed for you. Even experienced financiers will find a lot of useful things for themselves, learn about new techniques and technologies. Only experienced trainers with vast experience in finance and teaching will be able to work with you.

Financial tools for your business

  • What to do and what to look for, if the market is narrowing, and the banking sector is in a state of turbulence, how to choose a bank?
  • Is there an alternative to bank lending?
  • What, besides the banks, there are financial institutions and what can they offer besides financing?
  • How to reduce credit risks and optimize taxation using financial instruments?
  • Participants will receive answers to these questions during the seminar-workshop Tatyana Moseychuk, Ph.D. an expert with 20 years of experience in the financial markets of Ukraine, director of consulting company ASSISTANCE HOLDING.

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Organization of foreign economic activity of the enterprise

Learning outcomes:

  • Checklist for effective control of the nodal points of international supply chains;
  • Tools to minimize the risks of international activities;
  • Knowledge of the rules for drawing up a competent foreign economic contract.
  • Practical knowledge necessary for the effective establishment of foreign economic activity of the enterprise.

Participants will receive a certificate from STEP Business School and Capital Group.

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