Training «Logistics for non-logisticians»

Location: KROK Business School, ul. Tabirna, 30-32

Date: December 14, 2019 

Business Trainer – Aleksandr Stepanov 

The task of increasing the company's profits can be solved by auditing the logistics system in the company's warehouse, transport, order systems, balances and stocks, and the like. Also important is the motivation system at all levels of the logistic process, functional responsibilities and the timing of the working day. To control the efficiency of the logistics department in the company, you need the latest KPI.

The target audience

The main goal of the business is to use all the tools more efficiently and to include in the company's logistic processes managers of various areas to increase the effectiveness of logistic management.

Logisticians - beginners, specialists of related departments - sales, marketing and trade marketing departments, category managers, commodity specialists, purchasing managers, financial managers and heads of these departments.

Specialists who want to expand their professional skills to effectively address current issues at the junction with the company's logistics activities and increase the profitability of business processes.

Relevance and issues

Nowadays, the topic of logistics is very relevant and many experts will agree that there is not much that can be invented to be extremely new. When a company creates its own logistics system, it must, of course, take into account its past experience - both successful and not so much. Each company is now faced with the problem of rapid growth: the system of work of a warehouse, transport, logisticians, and so on - divisions can no longer quickly and fully solve problems without structural and systemic changes. The system approach provides a significant contribution to the solution of logistical


  • 1 day from 10:00 to 18:00

  • Group size not more than 12 participants

  • Individual Approach

Fees and Discounts

Fees: UAH 2900 (without VAT) 


  • 5% – 2 participants from one company
  • 10% – 3-5 participants from one company 
  • 12% – students and graduates of BSK

Fees include: 

  • Handouts;
  • Certificates; 
  • Coffe Breakes


  • Concepts, types and goals of logistics B2B, B2C, B2G
  • Strategic approach to choosing a logistics system
  • Between functional interaction with other units
  • Logistics mission of the Company: service or costs
  • Assessment of decision making quality in logistics systems
  • Measurement of consumer demand satisfaction: performance indicators and reasons
  • Analysis of basic logistic conditions
  • Analysis of logistics costs
  • Tools for analyzing the efficiency of logistics
  • Inventory management tools
  • Warehousing operations, organization of storage and delivery
  • Difficulty and risks
  • Portrait of a specialist: professional competence, KPI, methods of evaluation, motivation
  • Directions of development and limitation of logistics in channels on line / off line